Beware! The police are watching!

A lot is written about securing computers, mailboxes, files, and online business networks. But what is too little is realised: the security of a organisations is already starting at the front door – literally. Read more

How Microsoft planned and deployed Skype for Business to the Office 365 Enterprise E5 cloud

The cloud offers you the opportunity to save on IT infrastructure costs, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and accelerate time-to-market for many products, and that’s not all. But simply discussing a move to the cloud won’t get you those benefits or any others, that’s why you need to act and begin the journey. And CloudConnected is here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you on your journey to the cloud.

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5 Reasons your organization should move to the cloud

With the proliferation of cloud technology, it’s now easier than ever to migrate to a cloud services platform. With Microsoft cloud services, you can increase security, flexibility, communication, and business intelligence, and gain a host of tools you’ll need to create a modern digital workplace. Contact CloudConnected today to find out how we can help you with the transition.

View: 5 Reasons your organization should move to the cloud

Nederlands MKB op vizier van cybercriminelen. Doe nu een security test!

Dutch SMES on the visor of cyber criminals. Do a security test now!

The newspapers are full of them. Data leakage at the UWV and the national Opera. But also many of our own customers suffer from hackers who try to get in all kinds of devious ways on the corporate network or in mailboxes of employees. Read more

Modern Digital Workplace: 5 Current Trends Making Waves In The Office

Modernizing your workplace needs to happen, but how do you go about doing it? When it comes to having a modern workplace, nothing says you’re on the ball like integrating Microsoft cloud services. With Azure solutions, you can manage data with ease, and with Office 365, you can share and send documents while not having to worry about version control. It’s the ease of use, familiarity, and trust you need in a cloud solution. Contact us today to learn more about Microsoft cloud services.

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Customer story: Hershey

Hershey has a lot of data that they need to share across their enterprise. Keeping their workforce mobile while being able to access that data can be tough, that’s why they moved to the Microsoft cloud. With Microsoft, you can migrate to simple, distributed, cross-platform file storage without changing code. It’s the first step in modernizing your IT infrastructure and business.

One hour to ten minutes of installation time with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program

Setting up multiple smartphones and tablets takes a lot of time. The solution: Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, a tool that makes mobile devices fully automatic ready for use.

More and more companies are going digital and working in the cloud. However, for the IT support staff, such a move poses a problem. A whole organization equipped with computers, smartphones and tablets is a big job to say the least. But if it is to Apple, it doesn’t have to be. They devised the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), a tool that fully automates the installation and configuration of new devices. This can be done by each employee himself.

DEP Portal

This tool works as follows: Prior to installation, the IT department defines once how each device should be set up, what software is needed, and how all accounts and security settings should be configured. The vendor automatically adds the serial numbers of the supplied devices to the customer’s DEP portal. DEP does the rest. As soon as a new device is turned on, the custom-made installation starts to run even after setting up the WiFi.

Post-Its and notes

“Apple’s DEP brought the installation time per iPad back from one hour to ten minutes,” says Jasper Peters, ICT coordinator, at a Retail organisation in the Netherlands. Earlier this year, that organisation decided to change its way of working. It was done with information and transfers exchanging with post-its and notes.

Small User manual

The IT Department of this Retail organisation is also working more efficiently than ever, thanks to DEP. “If you want to roll out 50 devices, it makes a difference whether you need an hour for the installation or just ten minutes per device,” says Peters. “In Those ten minutes we are already installing the WiFi network and doing a case to the device.”

In the end, the IT department has nothing more to do with installations. “We want to send the end-user the iPhones & iPads with a small manual. So that we keep time for strategic projects. ”

Learn more about the Apple DEP capabilities for your organization. CloudConnected delivers the entire assortment of Apple and automatically adds devices to the DEP Portal. Let a Cloud Specialist call you back. Click here to create a callback request.

Online samenwerken met andere bedrijven alleen iets voor grote bedrijven? Absoluut niet! Wij hebben een oplossing. Benieuwd? Lees het hier.

Easily collaborate online with other companies and partners

As an organisation you regularly collaborate with various external parties. The information within such a collaboration often goes back and forth in e-mails and loose files.

This can cause a lot of frustration: files that get lost, or go around in different versions. Unfindable emails and lots of unnecessary contact to schedule one meeting.


Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams all these problems are past time. In This online collaborative environment you can save, edit, find and schedule everything around a project or customer.

You can add team members from within, but also outside your organization and collaborate on documents, online meetings, share minutes, easily schedule a new appointment. And everything is gathered in a central place.

In short, Microsoft Teams saves you a lot of time, errors and frustration. Working together is really fun!

How does it work?

The big advantage of Microsoft Teams is that not everyone necessarily has to have a Teams account. When you use Office 365 as an organization, Teams are automatically integrated into it.

Other people with a Gmail or Hotmail account (colleague or not) can also use the chat feature for free. Anyone who is part of your organization can also add people to the program.

In the chat function of Teams you can also share files with colleagues who need to provide feedback, for example on a press release written by an external party. This whole process is easily streamlined into a chat channel within Teams.

Why then?

Teams is the solution for companies that want to work together more efficiently, easily and more easily. A central environment, in which there is a search function, with which you can easily find out all the necessary information-and, for example, also quickly schedule meetings.

Learn more about what CloudConnected can do to make your organization work with Microsoft Teams? Read more about what’s possible.