·June 13, 2019

Secure digital billing. Mandatory since April this year. But also: cost-saving

Digital billing. Everyone is talking about it and almost everyone is doing something with it. But interpretations of what “digital invoicing” actually is vary widely.

Meanwhile, digital invoicing has already been mandatory in the Netherlands since April this year.

Unfortunately, we still see a lax attitude in business. although the greatest growth in digitization of processes is in SMEs.

How do I do well this summer?

What you also often see is that although companies send their invoices digitally, these e-invoices are then printed out at the receiving party. Sometimes a colleague in administration even types digital invoices that come in into the accounting package.

That can be done a lot more efficiently today!

For example, starting by collecting all incoming invoices in one place. If you are already using Office365, our in-house CloudConnected help desk can very easily create a free email address – facturen@uwbedrijfsnaam.nl – for you.

Then you have one collection box for all incoming invoices.

A next step could then be to get all incoming invoices into your accounting package automatically. The most widely used packages such as King, Twinfield, Reeleezee, Exact, Unit4 & AFAS can automatically read incoming invoices and convert them into a booking proposal.

Just think how much time, hours and money this will save in your billing processes. So time for a summer cleaning, because recent research shows that many financial processes still lean on loose systems or spreadsheets.

Want to know more?

Meanwhile, CloudConnected is one of the first IT service providers in the Netherlands to be independently certified for Electronic Invoicing and connected to the European PEPPOL network. The invoice from CloudConnected can therefore enter your administration directly without intervention. Even with split to internal cost items if you provide them to us. This in turn saves you time! And money.

Automation unlimited

But the possibilities of automation do not stop with e-invoicing. And you also don’t need our help by a long shot.

For example, if your organization uses Office 365, you can already automate common actions yourself with Microsoft Flow. For example, every time you receive a new price list from Supplier A, you can have it automatically archived in Sharepoint.

Would you like a no-obligation brainstorming session with one of our consultants on how automation can save your organization time and money?

We are happy to schedule a free consultation.

You easily reserve a time via this link.

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