IT consultancy and compliance

IT Consultancy & Compliance

Optimize your operations through expert IT consultancy, stay compliant with dedicated support, and gain strategic insights from our virtual IT manager.
What Makes Our IT Consultancy Essential?
Our IT consultancy service helps you ensure that your technology supports your business goals. We start by reviewing your current systems to find areas for improvement. Then, we advise you on the best ways to upgrade and optimize your setup and create a customized plan. This approach helps you make smarter decisions about your company’s technology investments and better use your resources.

Virtual IT Manager (vCIO)

Our Virtual IT Manager (vCIO) provides the services of a top IT executive without the cost of hiring one full-time. A Virtual IT Manager helps you manage your IT systems, controlling your IT budget, ensuring your systems comply with industry standards, and managing risks to keep your data safe. Also, upgrade your technology as neccessaery. This service is ideal for small to medium businesses or larger companies that need strategic IT guidance, giving you an experienced executive as part of your team.
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Compliance as a Service

Avoid legal issues and maintain your company’s reputation. Our Compliance as a Service ensures that your business’s technology systems are fully compliant with relevant industry regulations.

We begin by thoroughly reviewing your current systems and processes to find any areas that don’t meet regulatory standards. Then, we provide detailed recommendations on how to bring your systems into compliance, covering everything from data protection laws to industry-specific requirements. Our team continuously monitors regulatory changes to keep you up to date.

Support for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and More

We help you understand and comply with major standards such as GDPR for data protection within the EU, HIPAA for patient data security in healthcare, PCI DSS for credit card information safety, SOX for financial reporting accuracy, and ISO 27001 for managing and securing company information. We covers these and other relevant regulations, providing you with the direction needed to meet these complex legal requirements.

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