TECH for Your People

Device subscriptions, cloud-based tools & complete IT support for remote and onsite teams. Boost collaboration & productivity!
Picture of a team, symbolizing our tech solutions for remote and on-site people.

Cloud-based Tools 
for Teamwork

Enhance teamwork with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace environment tools & services.

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unlimited Calling solutions

Teams & Webex with mobile access ensures your team’s communication is continuous anywhere & anytime.

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Modern device Subscriptions

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) subscriptions, for an up-to-date and sustainable tech environment.

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Quick tech Support & Security

Proactive assistance and protection, ensuring your operations are secure and uninterrupted.

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specialized Training programs

Boost skills and tech adoption, streamlining your team’s integration and efficiency 
with new tools.

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People-Centric IT Solutions

At CloudConnected, we understand the power of a well-equipped team. Our “Your People” services offer the latest devices and modern workplace tools to help your employees collaborate and innovate. Tailored hardware and software subscriptions to meet the diverse needs of your in-office and remote teams.

We also offer Voice Telephony and Video Conferencing solutions to keep your team connected. We provide comprehensive employee IT support, ready to help with any technical issues, and our comprehensive cybersecurity measures ensure your staff and data remain secure.

Specialized training programs are also available to help your team build skills and confidence with the latest technology.

Microsoft 365icons

Cloud based Tools 
for collaboration

We help you get started with Microsoft 365 and customize it to match your unique business needs, ensuring refined security measures, and offering support to address any challenges your remote & on-site teams might face. The goal is to assist you and your team in making the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription and optimize it for collaboration, communication, and productivity, making every operation smoother and more efficient.

We also support clients already using Google Workspace, providing specialized assistance to ensure its effective integration into your business workflows, fostering a productive, collaborative environment.

device Subscription

Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) plans offer a budget-friendly route to the latest tech tools, removing the worry of large initial investments. This way, your people always have access to the newest gadgets, enhancing productivity without the financial strain.

Tech Support

Designed to address and resolve technical issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your team’s workflow.

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Digital Team Safety

Ensures your team’s online environment is secure against cyber threats, focusing on data protection, secure access, and cybersecurity awareness to safeguard operations and personal information.

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tech Support & Security

We ensure that IT support for remote and onsite teams is available immediately. This support minimizes downtime and keeps productivity high, which is crucial for businesses that operate continuously.

It gives your team the confidence to focus on their work, knowing they have a safety net for both technical issues and security concerns, which in turn enhances overall company performance by maintaining secure and efficient operations.

unlimited Calling

Cloud telephony solutions like Microsoft Teams Phone and Webex Calling enhance team communication by offering simple call management via an app and significantly lowering call costs. In addition, with our Mobile Unlimited plan, you get unlimited calls and texts in the EU, backed by KPN’s reliable network, promoting seamless collaboration across your team.

anytime, anywhere

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in communication and collaboration, allowing you to work efficiently from any location office, at home, or on the go. Our free, no-obligation demo showcases how our Cloud Telephony and Mobile Unlimited plans can transform your business connectivity. Reach out to explore the possibilities.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone, integrated with Microsoft 365, offers a unified platform that simplifies and enhances your teams’ communication.

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Webex Calling

Webex Calling, part of Cisco’s suite, streamlines team communication with a unified platform for seamless collaboration across devices and locations.

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Mobile (KPN)

Stay connected with reliable service from KPN’s network, allowing for clear, unlimited mobile calls and texts across the EU.

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Cost-Efficiency & Flexible Workplace

Transparent pricing and significantly lower call costs, fitting various work settings with easy app management for a flexible workplace.

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 Employees participate in Microsoft Office training led by a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

specialized Training programs

Our in-depth training sessions are designed to equip your team with practical skills. We focus on essential areas like Microsoft 365 & Cybersecurity essentials, mastering new devices and etc. ensuring everyone can adapt to technological changes. These programs are structured to boost your team’s confidence and efficiency, making technology work for them in the most effective way.

Preparing Your People not just for today’s challenges but for tomorrow’s opportunities!

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