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Managed Printing

With Our Managed Print Services, you print documents at the lowest possible cost, regardless of the volume, and receive automatic reports of printing failures.
Easy Printing, Less Cost
CloudConnected’s Managed Print Services (MPS) simplifies printer management, regardless of location. You can expect reduced printing costs up to 30% in many cases. MPS works well for businesses of all sizes, from those with one printer to those with many.

Printer maintenance 

Our printers connect securely to the Cloud, automatically reporting any malfunctions to our service desk. When parts need replacement, a technician is dispatched immediately, minimizing downtime. This ensures high printer availability for your entire network.

42% of printer issues are resolved by our Helpdesk over the phone.

Helpdesk Support

Our experienced team proactively monitors your printers, multifunctionals, and software. They handle maintenance tasks for you, ensuring optimal performance. Our specialists can even access your devices remotely to troubleshoot problems or offer visual guidance. 

58% of the time, our technicians visit
 your location to solve printer issues.

printer security

Outdated printers, improper setup, and user mistakes can create security risks. with Our “Follow-me” feature, you can print to any network printer, but the job is held until you release it with a PIN, fingerprint, swipe card, or smartphone. This ensures confidential documents are never left unattended at the printer.

99% of the time, we ensure your printers are operational.

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Scan to Microsoft 365

In less than five minutes, we can configure your existing HP multifunction printers and desktop scanners to work seamlessly with Udocx. The Udocx app streamlines document scanning and storage. Scan documents directly to Microsoft 365 applications like OneDrive and SharePoint, or even Outlook email folders (including drafts). With a single touch, users can scan and save documents to designated folders within SharePoint, such as “contracts” or “invoices.” This allows for convenient access to important documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Printer Security & Control

Our PrintApp keeps your printing secure and under control. It works with all printers and multifunction devices (MFPs) on your network, regardless of brand (HP or others). 
Here’s how it helps:

Secure Storage: Print jobs can be held securely in the cloud, on users’ devices, or both. This ensures your confidential documents are always protected.
Authentication Options: Prevent unauthorized printing with features like card readers and QR codes. Users need to verify their identity before printing anything.
Print Job Tracking: Easily track the status of your print jobs to avoid confusion or wasted paper.
Analysis: PrintApp integrates with HP JetAdvantage Insights to provide detailed reports on your printing habits & print cost analysis. This helps you identify areas for improvement and save money.

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