Cisco Meraki router and fiber internet for a fast, secure, and efficient workplace.

Business Internet

Get reliable business internet with backup solutions and managed networking to boost your SMB’s productivity.

Need faster than fast business internet?

We offer unmatched speed and reliability for your company with connections of up to 4 Gbit/s. This means smooth video calls, quick file downloads, and efficient cloud backups. Our service is perfect for high-speed internet needs and can include additional features like secure PIN payment and alarm system integration. With nationwide coverage, we guarantee a swift and worry-free connection to our Fiber optic network. 

To protect you from internet outages, we also offer a 5G Backup solution. As soon as your internet experiences an outage, your router switches to KPN’s super-fast mobile 5G network. This way your company is always online!

Business fiber internet

Our process of fiber-optic internet for small and medium businesses starts with a prompt proposal followed by a workplace survey to assess the installation specifics. We take care of all the necessary permits and execute the installation in & outside of the Netherlands, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Complementing this, our “Safe Business Internet” service, powered by Cisco Umbrella, offers cloud-based security against online threats. It provides cost-effective, full protection across devices and locations, ensuring your business’s digital safety.

Team Call with managed wifi Networking


As businesses rely more heavily on internet connectivity and their need for reliable and efficient WIFI networks increases, managing and maintaining these networks has become increasingly complicated and critical. If not managed properly, any network issues can negatively impact productivity. That’s why more businesses are choosing to outsource their network management to experts like CloudConnected. This solution allows businesses to ensure that their networks are stable, up-to-date, and efficiently maintained without requiring internal resources to manage these systems.

The benefits

We support your (WiFI) Network needs with Cisco’s reliable equipment, including both traditional setups and the advanced, cloud-based Cisco Meraki systems for fixed fee per month, without upfront investment. This approach ensures your organization benefits from a fast and stable network, enhancing productivity and continuity. With Cisco Meraki, you gain the advantage of automatic security updates, continuous monitoring, and detailed network insights, all tailored to your specific operational requirements.

From Our Clients

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