·May 28, 2019

Beware! The police are watching!

Much is written about securing computers, mailboxes, files and online business networks. But what is too little realized: the security of an organizations also begins at the front door – literally.

Corporate security not only has something to do with hackers, but very often (too often) just plain old-fashioned burglars and robbers.

Do you already have a helicopter view?

Organizations often deploy various means to protect themselves: a loose alarm system, access controls, security cameras – and oh yes, someone is doing something with ICT security as well. But often all the measures are completely unrelated. A helicopter view is missed.

That could be better.

Because creating an overall plan not only improves your organization’s security, it also saves significantly on costs. By cleverly connecting all existing security systems to 24/7Alarm, we offer one total solution with CloudConnected. 24/7Alarm is a service that has live insight into both ICT and also security and alarm/camera system with one monitoring station. With CloudConnected, we connect your own alarm/camera system and also the IT environment to 24/7Alarm.

Watching desired

Looking back at camera footage of how burglars ransack your business is not fun at all. And anyway, it’s usually too late for the police to intervene, too. That’s why it’s nice when the police are watching your security system right away so they can take action as quickly as possible.

With CloudConnected, we regularly help companies connect their cameras using camera verification from 24/7Alarm. In the event of an alarm notification (and only then!), images can be viewed live by the police control room.

How it works.

The specialists at 24/7Alarm receive your alarm notification immediately with the corresponding camera images. If those images show unwanted guests, the images are immediately transmitted live to the police control room. So police just keep watching at your location while the officers are on their way. How convenient is that?

The technology we use for this is called LiveView and is a police service used by the control room.

Download the Live View information leaflet from our website.

Of course, your privacy remains guaranteed with the 24/7 Alarm, otherwise our customers would not want to work with our solutions. For us, the safety of your organization is priority number one. Not just in the area of ICT.

Because we work for clients who in turn work with highly sensitive information, CloudConnected employees are routinely screened by the police.

Wondering how the 24/7 Alarm monitoring center takes action? We like to show it in our video on our website.

Want to know more? If so, please contact us.

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