·January 26, 2021

CloudConnected has become a member of NLdigital

Good news! CloudConnected has now joined NLdigital, the collective of the digital sector. With our membership we contribute to the improvement of the digital sector, the business climate for ICT companies and the Dutch digital economy in general.

We are proud to be associated with this association. NLdigital is a collective of more than 650 companies enabling digital transformation. From global players to start-ups in attic rooms – and everything in between.

Spotting new trends

Together, we are the core of the digital economy. We are competitors and partners. Build on each other’s infrastructure, hardware and software. We collectively provide the products and services that other companies need to digitize. Joining industry association NLdigital allows us to professionalize even further. We can take advantage of broad services and useful workshops. In addition, through NLdigital, we are aware of new trends, developments and legislation related to the digital sector.

We look forward to participating in discussions on current issues and sharing our knowledge about working in the digital sector with other members.

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