·June 26, 2019

CloudConnected’s industry-focused Microsoft 365 workspace. Do you already have one?

Collaborate effectively anywhere in the cloud without worrying yourself about security, management and IT compliance. As of now, it is possible with the CloudConnected workplace – a Microsoft 365-based work profile, which we maintain and manage entirely for our customers.

Based on our expertise in IT, telecom and security, we have developed smart, managed workstations, where optimal connectivity, convenience and security are key principles, so that customers can access their workstations anytime, anywhere.

The CloudConnected workstation can be purchased from 1 workstation – but upscaling to hundreds of workstations is also possible. That’s because we develop and maintain our Microsoft 365 work profiles ourselves.

This allows SMBs and even the self-employed to benefit from the scalability of the Cloud without having to bear all the costs themselves.

Not surprisingly, one of our customers recently vented, “Just like tap water or electricity, we only pay for the IT we consume.”

Easily meet industry standards

Setting up and maintaining online workspaces yourself is normally already a complex and time-consuming task. But when you work in an industry that also has specific standards when it comes to IT, it also requires a lot of expertise.

We take this expensive and time-consuming management out of your hands with our standardized and industry-specific workstations.

Together with our clients from healthcare, financial and legal services, we have created a number of standardized Microsoft 365 work profiles that exactly match the work processes and regulations within these industries.

Is it safe then?

The important question that should always be asked, of course, is what about safety? It’s still the cloud after all!

Because we at CloudConnected work with so many companies that simply cannot afford to take risks with their data and client data, our custom Microsoft 365 workstation meets the very strictest requirements that apply to legal and financial services.

Together with our clients, we have designed our workstations to be easily integrated with the practice software and meet all AVG requirements.

When there are specific requirements within a certain sector for secure online workplaces, such as within the Oral Care sector, for example, we ensure that our own CloudConnected workplace falls within the legal guidelines, in this specific case the NEN-7510.

Don’t you work in healthcare, or financial and legal services? No problem!

We are happy to work with you to see what it takes to develop a good standardized managed workspace that meets your needs.

Our consultants can always be reached at www.cloudconnected.nl

Installing yourself thanks to Windows Autopilot

The advantage of our managed and industry-specific workstations is that our end customer only needs to take the computer out of the box, boot it up and enter the correct email address and password.

This grab-and-go! principle is possible thanks to Windows Autopilot.

Want to know more about our CloudConnected custom workstations? Schedule a free, no-obligation Consult with our Consultants here, or learn more about trends around Mobile Work in 2019 on our website.

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