·March 19, 2019

Discover the benefits of Meraki Cloud Networking and receive a free Access Point!

Want to know more about cloud networking? Then Cisco Meraki may be for you.

Many of our customers have achieved easy and centralized cloud management of their network with Cisco Meraki. Cisco Meraki solutions are known for their user-friendly and clear dashboard.

Feel free to discover for yourself how this works?

Cisco Meraki regularly hosts webinars on cloud networking, providing a live demonstration of the Cisco Meraki platform .

Check here for all current Webinars

As a webinar participant, you will also receive a free Meraki Access Point afterwards to experience the benefits for yourself*.

If you would like more information about cloud networking after the webinar, please contact our networking specialists.

*Note: The free Access Points are only available to IT professionals of new Cisco Meraki customers.
Existing Meraki customers are not eligible. Maximum of 1 Access Point per company.
Check the webinar registration page for all terms and conditions.
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