·May 12, 2021

Financing home office

Because of the Corona crisis, there are an awful lot of people working from home right now. What many people do not know is that there are several important rules regarding home office funding that fall on the employer. Wondering what the main duties are for the employer? Then read on quickly, as we have listed it all for you below!

Obligations for the employer

The employer has a duty to provide for the welfare of all employees of the company. One of the resulting duties is the duty to provide a safe home workplace. What is primarily meant here is a home workstation that meets RSI guidelines to prevent back pain. For example, if your employee must have a new chair for working from home, you as the employer may have to pay for it. This also applies to any tools for work, such as the right software or a new desk lamp to work optimally.

So you will have to properly monitor the workplace of your employees. It is important to note that it is not allowed to install software to watch in the employees’ room. So how can you control it? Taking pictures is the easiest thing, especially in these times of Corona. Going on visits just isn’t that convenient.

How do you pay for this?

As an employer, you naturally wonder how you can pay for all this, especially if you employ many people. One option is to defer or reduce spending. So you can use new laptops that you pay off later. Here, it is not important how many workstations need to be equipped. The other possibility is to engage in Asset Monetization. This allows you to sell the workstations you have set up and then lease them back. Nothing changes about the operations, you just get some more capital available again which you can use for furnishing the workplaces. Schedule an appointment with us today to get customized advice on setting up your workplace as well.



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