·November 20, 2019

How convenient would that be? A pedometer for work?

MyAnalytics, the pedometer and fitness tracker for your work, is available to anyone using an Office 365, Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business suite.

Want a better work/life balance?

Through a personal dashboard, an Outlook plug-in and a few weekly emails, MyAnalytics keeps you informed about how you actually spend your workday.

You will also be offered suggestions for smarter ways of working. From reducing unproductive meetings to reducing overtime. Because with MyAnalytics, you can also see how many times you managed to avoid working overtime.

Because you can set your own goals in MyAnalytics, it is also possible to get yourself on the road to a healthier work-life balance

Want more focus?

MyAnaltics also uses artificial intelligence to automatically flag all the commitments you’ve made in your e-mail traffic and incorporate them into to-do lists.
In addition, focusing on your work is also a key focus of MyAnalytics. This allows you to indicate when you really want to work in a focused way. When you don’t want to be disturbed, Microsoft automatically notifies teammates. It is also an option to use AI help to look for time periods where you can smoothly plan a focus moment.

Want to know more?

Initially, MyAnalytics only offered insights into the hours you were active on Outlook and meetings, and the time spent on Skype for Business.

It has since added analytics about the hours spent chatting and talking in Microsoft Teams – and working on documents stored in OneDrive or SharePoint.

Want to learn more about MyAnalytics? Then watch the video at: https://products.office.com/nl-nl/business/myanalytics-personal-analytics?market=nl

Are you already working with Office 365? Then log in here for your access to MyAnalytics.

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