·October 9, 2019

Renew IT without worry? Lease a modern IT workplace now with a grant from the European Investment Bank!

Have you noticed it too? In the streets we see more and more bikes with blue front tires. It is the modern Swap bike.

You pay a monthly fee and for that you not only have a bicycle at your disposal but you are completely unburdened. Maintenance, repairing your flat tire, replacement in case of theft? It’s all included in the price

Basically lease your bike, with all that maintenance involved.

In IT, too, we see the trend becoming more widespread – especially among SMEs. Small and medium-sized businesses do not want to invest large sums of money in IT hardware and software. Not only are investments often too large – but licenses and technologies often renew so quickly that large investments must be written off again in no time.

Still innovating

Many SMBs want to upgrade their IT, but they’re bummed about the cost.

Therefore, the European Investment Bank (IEB) is now actively supporting SMEs in this regard.

Through the scheme, SMEs can now receive an immediate 1.2% discount on leasing a new digital IT workplace. The scheme applies from as little as 1 workstation but is also scalable up to 250 workstations.

The benefits of leasing:

No big expense all at once: preserving cash flow

  • Paying in fixed installments
  • Up-to-date equipment, warranties as when purchased
  • Be able to invest in IT outside the budget cycle

Unburdened with IT leasing from CloudConnected

CloudConnected assists companies in putting together an IT workplace leasing plan. You can lease from us including:

  • Your IT workstation (a desktop, laptop, monitor)
  • Shared IT facilities (a presentation room, a printer)
  • A network (WiFi, a router)

A lease subscription from CloudConnected includes warranty and unlimited help desk service.

Do you also want carefree use of the best IT equipment and services? Or see more examples of subscriptions through CloudConnected, click here to go to our website.

Or fill out the form below and we will customize a subscription for you with no obligation!


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