·July 19, 2021

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The way to protect your business from an Internet outage

While you obviously don’t wait for it, there is a pretty good chance that you will one day have to deal with a large-scale Internet outage. This outage could cause a lot of problems for the company. Wondering what you can do to significantly reduce the risk of these problems? Then read on quickly to find out for yourself!

The importance of backup

THE most important step to take when it comes to preventing problems during an Internet outage is to back up. As you know, a backup allows you to capture the data of a given moment on the Cloud. There are an awful lot of different types of backups out there. So you can back up your email, documents and for your website itself. However, it is also possible to set up a special 4G Internet backup. Through this Internet backup, you will no longer lose data at the time of an Internet outage.

When creating a backup, it is necessary to back it up from a second location. After all, this ensures that you won’t have to deal with problems with the server itself, for example. A popular option is to house your backups with another Cloud provider. Should you have your own web shop or other important E-Commerce website, it is also necessary to back it up. This is particularly important for customer convenience. If something goes wrong regarding payments, you do want to make sure that the customer is not disadvantaged by this.

More advice on the risks?

The risks of not having a backup are truly unprecedented. Want to learn much more about these risks? If so, we encourage you to schedule a consultation soon. In fact, our specialists are ready to identify the risks for your business and reduce them to an absolute minimum.


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