·February 6, 2018

Symantec named best Endpoint Protection security vendor

Symantec is one of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies. Symantec’s security solutions provide millions of users against spam, malware and data loss, among other threats. For 16 years, Symantec has been considered a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. In the latest Gartner research on Endpoint Protection leaves Symantec far behind its competitors.

The security landscape is changing at lightning speed and cybercriminals are getting smarter. This makes good endpoint security crucial to help organizations detect (un)known threats. Many companies do not have their endpoint security in place, making them especially susceptible to cyber attacks. For these companies, it is only a matter of time before they fall victim to a security breach that could have serious consequences. Consider the reputational damage or huge costs that such a leak could entail.

When it comes to security, SMBs need just as strong endpoint security as large organizations. Symantec’s most advanced and fully featured endpoint security solutions protect business and personal devices and applications on the corporate network. Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), a key component of Symantec’s Cyber Defense Platform, protects as many as 175 million endpoints worldwide.

Advantages Symantec

  • SEP 14 has proven to be very stable and efficient on resources. The addition of machine learning and other advanced malware applications have improved the detection of threats and malicious software.
  • Symantec ATP, the solution focused on EDR, offers good detection and response capabilities. Existing SEP customers benefit through the existing SEP agent.
  • With the introduction of its latest product updates, including SEP Cloud and EDR Cloud, Symantec shows it has embraced a cloud-first strategy.
  • Its endpoint security solutions protect millions of users and businesses worldwide across various verticals.
  • The Single Management Console allows multiple products to be managed from a single console including Advanced Threat Protection.

Gartner research

In its Magic Quadrant research (2018), Gartner analyzes 21 security market leaders based on “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute. Vendors are categorized into four areas: niche players, challengers, visionaries and leaders. Find out in the latest Gartner report why Symantec is seen as a leader again this year, leaving its competitors far behind. What can you expect in the report?

  1. An objective analysis of vendors in endpoint security including their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. The ins and outs about the endpoint security market.
  3. Learn about the factors that drive growth and unique challenges.

Download the report of Gartner’s latest research on Endpoint Protection for free here.

Want to know more?

Symantec offers the most advanced and fully featured endpoint solutions. Do you want to offer these security solutions to your clients? Then contact our software specialists at info@cloudconnected.nl or call us at +020 303 4260.

Watch the video below on important features your customers should not forget when implementing their endpoint strategy.

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