·February 21, 2019

The ‘must have’ accessories for working on the go

We want to do our work anytime, anywhere these days. Also on the road. This can already be done with a laptop and a smartphone. But the right accessories take mobile working to the next level. An overview of some “must have” accessories for those who want to work carefree on the go.

#1 Cable lock

Bridging a few hours before your next appointment by working at a coffee shop or a client’s office can be convenient. Just like spending a day at a flex-workplace getting new inspiration. But what do you do when you need to go to the bathroom or get some coffee? Taking your laptop with you is a lot of hassle, but leaving it unattended is not wise either.

Of course, the first thing to do is to close your screen when you walk away for a while. That way, no one can sneak a peek into your laptop while you are away. By the way, it is recommended anyway to use a screen filter in public places. This prevents people from watching your screen live and thus accessing sensitive company information.

That just doesn’t solve the risk of your laptop being stolen while you’re getting a latte macchiato. However, there is a clever solution to that as well: a special cable lock for your laptop. Allows you to attach your device to a monitor, desk or other heavy object, protecting you from theft. Note that there are different cable locks available, depending on your type of laptop you will need a particular lock.

#2 Extra portable display

For some occupations, it is desirable to have an additional monitor on the go as well. For example, because you are working with different programs at the same time or because you want to let your teammates on site or your clients watch your work or presentation.

Of course, you can pluck your screen off your desk and carry it with you, but there are also lightweight alternatives, made specifically to take anywhere. For example, HP’s lightweight portable display only requires you to fold back the protective cover. Set the screen upright and connect it to your PC via a USB-C cable. Easy enough.

#3 Easy and secure login

When working on location for a few hours, it’s usually nice to use a separate mouse anyway. A separate mouse does not have to be expensive, takes up little space in your bag and there are numerous of them on sale. Still, we like to highlight here a handy mouse for on the go.

In fact, a fingerprint mouse is now on sale. This mouse works just like any other mouse, with the added functionality of a fingerprint scanner that allows you to easily and securely log in to your laptop. It’s a USB mouse, so you never run the risk of dead batteries either.

#4 For calls and video conferencing

Being on the road these days is no longer an excuse to skip a meeting. A conference call is set up like this. Of course, it’s helpful then if you can be understood, even when working in a noisy coffee shop. Good headphones can make all the difference in that.

For example, HP’s mono headphones are easy to carry around, and great for Skype calls and video conferencing. Voices sound crystal clear courtesy of noise cancellation. You can connect via your PC (with a micro-USB dongle) or via your cell phone or tablet (with Bluetooth or NFC). If desired, you can even hold a conversation via PC and phone simultaneously or switch back and forth between devices.

#5 Powerbank and USB hub

You finally have time to work on your presentation, your laptop quits. Battery low. Of course, the first smart thing to do is to put your laptop on low-power mode to make the battery last longer.

Is the battery still (almost) dead and there is no outlet nearby? Then a power bank offers a solution. You have them in all shapes and sizes, there are even some that allow you to charge your phone and laptop at the same time. Want to connect more devices? Then the new USB-C Travel hub is a godsend.

#6 Handy and durable bag

Where do you store your laptop and all those must-have accessories? Preferably, of course, in one sturdy bag that you can easily take anywhere. But what could be better if that handy bag is sustainable at the same time?

For example, HP has launched a new laptop bag line, called the HP Recycled Series. These bags are made from recycled plastic. You have the choice of a backpack and shoulder bag. Both are weatherproof and have many handy compartments, so you can easily store and find your laptop as well as all your accessories.

How can you – with the help of the modern tools at hand – work more productively and creatively? That question is the focus of the free Mobile Matters Webinar.

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