·September 14, 2020

TV on the business with KPN Business TV

Nowadays, the TV in just about every business is unmissable. A variety of TV programs are shown in the background purely to enhance the customer experience. In a way, it attracts people when there is a TV showing interesting things going on.

Therefore, in the times we live in, it is definitely worth considering purchasing business TVs. When you are growing as an SME, for example, these are decisions you should consider. But it is already quite applicable in sectors such as fitness, hospitality, hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Why business TV? 

There are some specific points that clarify why business TV adds value. Especially for the aforementioned sectors. We are talking about:

  • Works relaxing: Watching TV has a relaxing effect. Customers notice this, too. As a result, they already immediately associate your company with something positive. Very nice of course when you are trying to secure clients for a longer period of time.
  • Provides entertainment: Furthermore, a TV also provides just pure entertainment. Consider, for example, the TVs in a sports bar. They are a reason for customers to come. And in a gym, it gives you something to do when you’re running. The entertainment value is high.
  • Shows good hospitality: In addition, it shows good hospitality. The appearance of a company as a whole improves significantly when there are TVs hanging. It shows that you are willing to do something for the customer.
  • Increase likelihood of customers returning: All in all, business TV is going to make customers more likely to return. The aforementioned positive associations combined with the practical benefits of business TV are the deciding factors in this.

KPN Business TV

Thanks to KPN Business TV, it becomes possible to receive interactive TV over any Internet connection. You easily pause programs, record certain things, and rewind some images at the touch of a button. This is the perfect way to put TV screens to work within company walls. KPN Business TV:

  • Works on any Internet connection
  • Comes including information channel
  • Does not require a long contract
  • Can be cancelled monthly

In doing so, you get a solution that you can re-evaluate every month. Not achieving what you hoped to achieve? Then you will be rid of it after a month.

So are you working in fitness, physical therapy, sports canteens, wellness, bed & breakfast, retail, hotels, mobility companies or recreation? And are you curious to what extent business TV can advance your business? Then order KPN Business TV here.

A cartoon for kids at the dentist, motivational videos at the gym or a soccer game in the hospitality industry. It all becomes possible.

Meanwhile, more and more companies are enjoying the many benefits that come with this decision. Thus, you are able to add to the growth you are already experiencing anyway.

From now on, significantly increase the entertainment value and informative value at, for example, the reception desk, in the canteen or at the bar.

  • KPN Business TV
    €13.50 excl. VAT p/month.
  • Channel package Fox Sports
    €7.50 excl. VAT p/month.
  • Ziggo Sport channel package
    €12.39 excl. VAT p/month.
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