·July 29, 2019

Why Internet Backup?

Without the Internet, your business is at a standstill, and in some situations that can cause significant problems. For example, because your customers suddenly can’t use debit cards.

Don’t you ever want to be without a stable Internet connection again? Then Internet Backup via 4G is the solution.

Fix connection problems immediately

With Internet Backup – a new solution from CloudConnected – your organization’s Internet line and router are monitored 24/7.

Should one of these elements fail, it automatically switches to the fast 4G network. If a problem arises, it is often also immediately apparent where, so that any malfunction can be remedied immediately.

Your customers don’t have to see through anything at all. Everything is resolved quickly and professionally behind the scenes. This is how you keep your company’s professionalism high and your customers happy.

In addition to allowing Internet Backup to detect and fix problems faster, it also provides insight into the quality of your Internet connection. If it turns out that it is actually overcrowded, causing systems to run slower, it is wise for a company to perhaps use better bandwidth.

Don’t lose sales because of slow Internet

A functioning Internet connection delivers more than you think. Several studies show that employees are seriously frustrated by poor Internet connectivity.

Internal effects of a poor Internet connection include failing to send an e-mail, VoIP communications faltering or browsing being very slow. Slow Internet means a lot of lost productivity from your employees. But external issues such as accessibility and responsiveness also come into play when an Internet connection is too slow. That’s not how you want to be known to customers.

In today’s economic climate where reacting quickly and staying ahead of the competition is more important than ever before, a poor Internet connection can actually cause a business to lose revenue.

With CloudConnected, we offer a number of interesting solutions for outsourcing the management of your Internet and network.

Want to know more about this?

Then check out: https://cloudconnected.nl/oplossingen/managed-networking/

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