Workplace IT Support

Ensure productivity and safety with complete workplace IT support. Get reliable internet, office printing solutions, building security, and strong cybersecurity measures.

Modern office with employees collaborating using technology.

Fast business Internet 
(Wifi & fiber)

Our WiFi and fiber internet solutions deliver the fast, secure and stable connection your workplace requires for 
efficient performance.

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Secure Building 
(CCTV / Alarm)

Keep your workplaces secure with reliable alarm systems and CCTV (a video surveillance system) monitoring, ensuring safety day and night.

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Cybersecurity (24/7 SOC, Internet Filter)

Ensure the safety of your data and minimize the risk of online threats with our Security Operations Center (SOC) and efficient internet filtering.

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Managed & Effortless Printing Services

Enjoy the lowest printing costs, automatic failure reports, and a worry-free experience for any size organization.

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complete office IT Support

We understand the unique challenges of running a modern business and offer complete workplace IT support to meet those needs. Get the reliable and fast business internet connection to stay productive and avoid frustrating slowdowns. Protect your sensitive data and systems with our affordable cybersecurity measures and benefit from peace of mind knowing we offer 24/7 monitoring.

Additionally, we provide workplace security solutions, including CCTV and alarm systems, to deter unauthorized access and protect your physical space. Need office IT support or remote workplace IT support? Our team is here to manage your technology 24/7.

Cisco Meraki router and fiber internet for a fast, secure, and efficient workplace.

secure business Internet 
(Wifi & fiber)

As part of our office IT support, our WiFi and Fiber Internet services offer an uninterrupted connection for your business operations. The WiFi service has extensive coverage within your workspace, ensuring your team stays connected throughout the premises. On the other hand, the Fiber Internet service provides unmatched speed and reliability, supporting data-intensive tasks like video conferencing and large-scale file transfers.

Both services are designed with business-grade security and scalability, allowing your network to grow with your business needs.

24/7 Cybersecurity

We provide 24/7 affordable cybersecurity protection for your digital infrastructure and workplace through our Security Operations Center (SOC), which continuously monitors your systems in real-time. Our team remains alert at all times and is quick to detect and respond to any risks, ensuring maximum protection for your network.

Our Internet Filtering solution allows you to have complete control over web access, defending your network against malicious content and unauthorized activities.

man focused on computer screens, representing proactive cybersecurity monitoring for your business.

CCTV Solutions

Real-time monitoring of your premises through CCTV video cameras provides increased security, deters theft & vandalism, and ensures the safety of your workplace.

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Alarm System

Cutting-edge sensors and detectors ensure reliable detection of intrusions, fire, smoke, and other emergencies. You can receive real-time notifications on your smartphone or other devices as soon as an alarm goes off.

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Secure Building

Our CCTV solutions actively deter unauthorized access while providing critical oversight. Paired with an alarm system that offers immediate alerting and communication capabilities through a secure, 24/7 control center, we facilitate rapid response to any emergency, including fires or break-ins. 

Additionally, innovative features like Live View enable direct monitoring by authorities, ensuring a comprehensive and proactive security approach.

office printing solutions

Improve your office printing solutions to save time and money. We provide complete management of your printing infrastructure, from restocking supplies to maintenance, reducing downtime and operating costs. Our service is adaptable to organizations of all sizes, promising up to 30% in savings and freeing your team from printer-related issues.

Support & Maintenance

Your printers automatically report malfunctions to our service desk. As soon as parts almost need to be replaced, a technician is already on his way. This helps us ensure high availability for your printer fleet.

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Scan to Microsoft 365

HP multifunction printers and scanners quickly send scans to Microsoft 365, like OneDrive and SharePoint. No extra hardware or software is needed, making documents easily accessible on any device.

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Follow-me Printing

Follow-me printing allows you to print from anywhere on your network. Your print job is securely stored centrally, and can be accessed on any printer by entering a PIN code, fingerprint, or card swipe.

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Printing Insights

Monitoring real-time data through a straightforward dashboard. This helps reduce waste and optimize usage by analyzing behaviors like single versus double-sided printing and the volume of color prints.

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